If you’re looking for a web app development framework that offers a solid foundation to your next software product, Laravel is a great choice. Many top engineering teams have opted for this platform, making it one of the top development frameworks available on the market. However, before jumping into WHY you should opt for Laravel and hire a Laravel development company or hire Laravel developers, let’s briefly touch on what Laravel is.

What is Laravel development?

Laravel is a free and powerful open-source PHP framework for web artisans. It is intended to develop database-backed web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern, enabling developers to build robust applications rapidly. Laravel provides:

  • Great ecosystem that includes a well-tested library of core components and packages
  • Plugins extending the IDE capabilities to create a better development experience
  • Easy-to-set up development environment with multiple options for Laravel PHP artisan serve command to help run applications on the PHP development server
  • Utilities that enable developers to write less code and focus more on their application functionality

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Why use Laravel for developing your SaaS application?

The following are several legitimate explanations for why Laravel is perceived as business and engineering team friendly.

Robust PHP framework that makes web development easier and more efficient

Laravel comes with an expressive, easy-to-learn syntax that makes development nimble. It takes the pain out of development by easing common tasks in many web projects, such as routing, sessions, caching, and authentication.

Laravel’s growing popularity is also due to its maintainability, scalability, and flexibility.

  • Maintainability: With Laravel, you can write code that is easy to maintain and update. This is because the framework follows a logical structure, making it easy for developers to understand and work with the code.
  • Scalability: Laravel is built with scalability in mind, so it can easily handle large projects and be scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses.
  • Flexibility: Laravel is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, making it a great choice for businesses that require custom web applications.

In short, It is a powerful, business-friendly framework that can help you rapidly build robust applications.

Large community of developers is constantly working to improve the framework

What sets Laravel apart from other frameworks is its large community of developers who are always creating new packages and modules to improve the framework. Hundreds of people are working on new packages and modules to enhance the framework at any given time. As a result, Laravel is constantly evolving and growing, adding new features regularly. Laravel developers never have to start from scratch when building a new website or application.

This close-knit community also means a wealth of support available for users, whether you need help with coding or simply want to share your own experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, Laravel is an excellent choice for building web applications.

Laravel is highly secure

Laravel is becoming increasingly popular due to its high-security features. It was created to provide an extra layer of security for web applications.

Laravel uses hashed and salted passwords, which means your password is not stored in plain text in the database. It also uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted representation of the password.

Furthermore, Laravel comes with a built-in Auth system that makes it easy to implement authentication without worrying about the security of your application. Overall, Laravel provides much more protection than other PHP frameworks, making it the ideal choice for developing secure web applications.

Well-written, easy-to-understand code makes Laravel an excellent choice for beginners and experienced developers alike

Laravel is known for its clean and well-written code. This feature makes it a great choice for both beginners and experienced developers looking for an easy-to-understand and robust framework.

While Laravel has a somewhat steep learning curve, the rewards are worth it for those who want to build robust web applications. In addition, Laravel has excellent documentation and a thriving community, making it easy to get help when needed. Overall, Laravel is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to build high-quality web applications.

Provides an integrated project environment

The Laravel platform offers an interactive project environment for programmers. It is designed to make the process of developing web applications more manageable and efficient. The architecture streamlines long and complicated programming processes, making them reasonably trouble-free.

Laravel offers various features that make it an ideal choice for web development, including a modular structure, a powerful query builder, and an expressive syntax. In addition, Laravel provides support for multiple databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. As a result, Laravel is a versatile platform that can be used for a wide variety of web development projects.

Facilitates database migration

One of engineers’ most daunting activities is syncing the database with different web app development devices or machines. Laravel delivers on this front, allowing programmers to share databases with other developers on the team to avoid wasting time and energy in the development process. This functionality sets Laravel apart from others.

Modular-View-Controller (MVC) support

As any web developer knows, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern is one of the most popular ways to organize code for a web application. MVC separates the application into three distinct layers:

  • The model represents the data
  • The view renders the user interface
  • The controller handles input and interactions.

This separation of concerns makes MVC applications easy to develop and maintain.

Laravel provides built-in support for MVC applications, so developers can quickly create robust web applications without worrying about configuring an MVC infrastructure. As a result, Laravel is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a PHP-based web application.

Laravel lends well to Single-Page Application (SPA) Architecture

Laravel is known for leading the new wave of MVC architecture, and more recently, it has been making waves in the world of single-page applications (SPAs).

Laravel’s contributions to SPAs are many and varied, but perhaps the most notable is its use of Vue.js‚— a frontend framework that helps create interactive user interfaces. It’s lightweight and fast and integrates seamlessly with Laravel’s backend. In addition, Laravel also works with Nuxt.js, a tool that will make it even easier to create robust and scalable SPAs with Laravel.

With all of these contributions, it’s clear that Laravel is playing a major role in the future of single page applications. We’re seeing increasing numbers of developers and teams moving from the template engine (Blade) to building separate frontend applications using Vue.js and Nuxt.js, React.js, and Angular.js.

Laravel was one of the first PHP frameworks to go in that direction. They’re doing a great job creating and maintaining packages that integrate these technologies into Laravel (e.g., Laravel Mix and Laravel Vite).

Inertia is part of Laravel’s appeal

Inertia is a library that allows you to render your application views on the client-side without writing JavaScript. Laravel’s Inertia feature will enable you to create entirely client-side rendered, single-page apps without much of the complexity of modern SPAs.

Inertia utilizes Laravel’s Blade templating language to define your app’s UI components and page structure easily. Laravel’s router can be used to generate the necessary JavaScript scaffolding for your app.

Inertia is primarily designed to use with Laravel’s Vue.js components but is compatible with any frontend framework. Laravel’s Inertia feature is a great way to quickly build SPAs without worrying about the complexities that come with them, resulting in a Laravel application that is highly responsive and fast without sacrificing any of the features you would expect from a modern web application.

As a result, Laravel is an appealing option for those looking to create fast and feature-rich single-page applications, and why more developers are using Laravel to build modern frontend applications.

In a nutshell

Overall, Laravel is an excellent choice for any web development project—big or small. Laravel offers a wide range of features that can be beneficial for businesses. Laravel is stable and reliable, meaning your web development project will be completed on time without any significant glitches that are a result of the framework.

The template engine is simple yet powerful, making it easy to create complex layouts. In addition, Laravel comes with built-in tools for security and authentication, which can give businesses peace of mind knowing that their data is safe.