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Brian Dainis

CEO at Curotec

Brian lives in the heart of Philadelphia, an excellent city for tech companies and great restaurants. Back in 2007, with nothing but grit and a vision, he kicked off his first tech venture without a dime in startup cash, no insider connections, and ditched the college degree route. Fast forward, and Brian founded several companies, including Curotec, a powerhouse in the software development arena, for nearly 15 years. With a team of 65+ people, Curotec caters to companies from growth stage tech to the Fortune 500, engineering software solutions that improve users’ lives.

Brian’s business mantra? Deliver undeniable value, cultivate an unbeatable team culture, and always lean into opportunities and market shifts with a bias toward action. Brian’s multi-pronged skills include software engineering, go-to-market strategy, leading teams, and building lasting business relationships. It’s this toolkit of skills Brian credits for his successes.

Beyond Curotec, Brian’s influence stretches into boards and advisory circles across the dynamic landscapes of healthtech, insurtech, fintech, and SaaS. But it doesn’t stop with companies. He’s also pouring into the future, mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs eager to carve out their own success stories and contributing to causes close to his heart like HopeWorks – seriously, check them out and lend your support.

Want to connect? Brian’s always looking to meet great people – reach out and connect on LinkedIn. Let’s make waves.

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