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Building a web portal for a Fortune 50 healthcare company

This story is blinded due to MSA contractual requirements. 

The Challenge

Manually sifting through millions of records

A Fortune 50 healthcare company sought to enhance its existing customer medical device Information data management and FDA submission solution. As a crucial component of this upgrade, the company required a user-friendly web portal that would empower external customers and internal users to seamlessly access and oversee medical device data throughout the import, conversion, and submission processes. The company was manually sifting through millions of data records by hand to wrangle this process.

The Solution

A carefully crafted front-end software product designed for an enterprise life sciences use case

A consulting firm led the project and enlisted Curotec to provide front-end product expertise. Our role involved:

  • Crafting an elegant user experience
  • Designing essential UI components
  • Developing the functionality for the portal

The aim was to decipher the client’s requirements and ascertain how the gathered information would be processed in preparation for FDA submissions.

Curotec delivered visual artifacts throughout the project, including HTML5, JavaScript, UI toolkits, and proof-of-concepts (POCs). These assets vividly illustrated the envisioned user experience, modern design, features, and functionality of the portal to the client. They played a pivotal role in ensuring we created precisely what the client desired and expected.

Services Provided

UX Design

Product Consulting

Front-end JavaScript

The Results

The product was enthusiastically embraced by the organization and their partners

Curotec led the design of a custom UI/UX for the Life Sciences Portal. The client’s in-house team further enhanced the product and integrated additional custom functionalities, reporting features, and workflow capabilities to work with the data imported through the backend solution. The result garnered high praise from the company and its strategic partner, who were impressed with the product’s user experience and functionality.

Today, the client benefits from an intuitive portal that streamlines information intake and offers clear insights into the company’s medical device data status within the FDA submission process. The portal has been successfully deployed into production and delivers exceptional business value and a robust return on investment, a testament to the project’s outstanding performance.

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