Choosing the right content management system (CMS) for a website or blog is essential. Different types of websites have different needs, and often one CMS is better suited to meeting those needs than another. In recent years, many businesses have been making the switch from Drupal to WordPress for their sites.

This article will look at some top reasons companies are migrating from Drupal to WordPress. We’ll explore why WordPress may be more suitable for certain websites and its advantages over Drupal in terms of usability and cost-effectiveness. By the end, you should have a better understanding of why so many companies are making the change from Drupal to WordPress.

Easier to Use

One of the biggest reasons companies move from Drupal to WordPress is that WordPress is much easier to use. It’s more intuitive, enabling non-technical users to easily create and manage their own websites without coding knowledge.

The same cannot be said for Drupal, which has a steep learning curve and can be difficult for inexperienced users to navigate. With Drupal, you need to learn a lot about its structure and how it works before you can even start designing your site or making changes. You need to know how all the modules work together, which ones do what, and how they interact.

By contrast, with WordPress, you just install it and start blogging or building a website. You don’t have to worry about learning complicated interfaces or frameworks because everything is already built-in and ready to use.

However, it’s important to note this ease of use can also be a double-edged sword. Non-technical users who don’t know what they’re doing can easily make a mess of WordPress because it is so easy to use. Here’s where a strategic partner with the knowledge and expertise can help ensure best practices and to keep the solution aligned with the business goals.

Furthermore, Drupal can be expensive to maintain, especially if you’re using it as an e-commerce platform or managing a large amount of content. The cost of hiring developers who know how to use Drupal well can also be high, so this adds up when you consider the time they’ll spend on your project.

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User-Friendly SEO Optimization

SEO is vital for any business looking to grow its website traffic organically. The more visitors a site gets, the better its chances of converting leads into paying customers. However, many Drupal users have complained about SEO issues when using this platform because it wasn’t designed with SEO in mind.

WordPress was built with SEO in mind, which means it’s easier to optimize your content so that it ranks higher in search engine rankings. The platform has a range of built-in features that make optimizing websites for search engine rankings easy.

Drupal also has a range of SEO-friendly features, including customizable meta tags, automatic title-based URLs, and a responsive design. And it’s easy to integrate Google Analytics, which is vital for tracking your site’s SEO performance. However, Drupal requires custom coding and advanced technical knowledge to achieve the same results. The update process for Drupal can be complicated, negatively impacting SEO.

More Plug-and-Play Customization Options

Basic tasks such as updating your CMS are far more straightforward in WordPress and time-consuming in Drupal.

WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes that users can choose from to customize the look and feel of their sites. However, if you want to change the look and feel of your website with Drupal, it will take some time because you have to create a new theme and implement it into your website using custom CSS coding. This can be difficult for non-technical users who don’t know how to code or even for web designers unfamiliar with Drupal’s CMS.

With WordPress, however, you can install and customize any number of themes that offer different designs for your site without having to write any code! This makes it much easier for non-technical users or web designers who don’t know how to write code to customize their themes in Drupal.

WordPress has an extensive library of plugins that allow you to add functionality to your site without hiring a developer or learning coding yourself. These plugins can help you create anything from photo galleries and contact forms to full-blown e-commerce stores with varying degrees of complexity (from simple shopping carts powered by PayPal). Many plugins also offer advanced features like social media integration, analytics tracking, SEO optimization, and more — allowing you to customize your website exactly how you need it.

Drupal, too, is backed by extensions and modules that can help you extend its functionality, but this number is comparatively smaller.

Finally, it is far easier for a development agency (e.g., Curotec) to turn the keys over to marketing admin users to maintain after the site is built. On the other hand, Drupal may require more ongoing technical upkeep to make basic content adjustments in many cases.

Development and Community Support

The WordPress community is growing and thriving. It is not surprising since WordPress is in more sites and has a greater CMS share. It powers over 40% of all websites and over 64% of those using a CMS. As a result, it is also easy to find forums and discussion groups for this CMS and find a new tip, trick, or technique. The solution is a search or post away whenever there is a support issue.

Although there is a fair share of tutorials and helpful tips for Drupal, there seems to be less public interest by far.

Enterprise Ready with WP VIP

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These are just some reasons why companies opt for WordPress over Drupal. With its cost-effective pricing model, ease of use, large developer community, and user-friendly SEO optimization capabilities, WordPress offers businesses an excellent option for creating and managing their websites. By switching from Drupal to WordPress, companies can get ahead of the curve and ensure that their sites stay competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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